Job Opportunities

Sunshine has highly qualified staff to inspire our children. Their high energy and motivation guarantee that our children will receive attention and guidance necessary during this early and important stage of childhood.

Our staff is chosen for their sensitivity, dedication, and love for children. Each day, they bring experience and extensive training to Sunshine, providing children with quality programming, guidance, and character development. Sunshine currently has the following opening positions. If you have genuine love and respect for children, we will like to hear from you.


Pre-School: 408-272-0368
After School: 408-839-8366
Summer: 408-839-8366


*Six locations to better serve you!

Available Positions

Teacher & Assistant
Pre-School & After School
Teacher & Assistant
Pre-School & After School
Summer Positions
Internships & Volunteer

Application Process

To apply to a position at Sunshine School, please complete the Sunshine School Application form:


Our human resources department will review your completed form. If a position is open and qualifications are met, the human resources department will contact you to schedule an interview.

A successful candidate has to complete the registration forms required by Sunshine School, Department of Social Service (DSS), and California Department of Education (CDE). We have made this process easy and online. As part of your job offer, you will receive a Staff Online Invitation Email from our HR. Once you receive the Staff Registration Invitation Email. Simply follow the registration link. Thank you for your interest in applying to Sunshine School! We look forward to welcoming you to Sunshine Family!

Additional Resources

Please read our staff handbook to understand your right, responsibility, and the expectation from the management. Staff Handbook is provided to our staff during orientation or forwarded to your via email upon your acceptance of position.
These are meeting notes that were compiled to help us solve issues or improve our daily operation. Please read.
Teachers and Directors should have an ECE/Child Development Transcript including minimum of 12 core units of the following courses: Child, Growth and Development; Child, Family and Community; Curriculums