Greetings Sunshine Family,

This upcoming week will be Week 5 of our Summer Program! The theme will be Astronomy! Students will spend their days learning and participating in activities revolving around our solar system, its planets, space travel, and more! Below you will find some reminders and information to help your week go by smoothly!    

Be sure to bookmark our Summer 2022 Gallery for photos throughout the summer program!

     We request that students take an at-home covid test, before their first day of Sunshine School's Summer Program and to report any positive cases to our program director at (408) 839-8366. 

Thank you for your cooperation and staying updated with the Sunshine School newsletter!

                                                   Field Trip: Legoland Discovery Center


  • Next week's field trip will be to Legoland's Discovery Center at Great Mall! The field trip will take place on Friday, July 15th! Please make sure your child arrives on campus before 10:30am on this day. The field trip's visiting hours will run until 4:00pm and students will arrive back on the Sunshine campus around 4:30pm.
  • For this school event, parents, please remember to pack a lunch for your child and have students wear their Sunshine t-shirt. Students who do not wear their Sunshine t-shirt and pack a lunch will not be able to participate in the field trip. Also remember to have your children eat breakfast at home on field trip and school event days. 

  • AM/PM PART TIME STUDENTS: Since this week's field trip is a full day event, part-time students who wish to participate in the field trip may contact our program director at (408) 839-8366 to check for availability. 

  • Field Trip & Event Policy - If a student misbehaves during their field trip or school event, he or she is not allowed to attend the next week's field trip or school event as a consequence.

                                                            Summer Program FAQ


Which class should my child go to? 
Sunshine Summer Camp assigns the kids into different age groups according to the grade that he or she is entering in Fall 2022. The roster for each class can be found here: Summer Week 5 Roster!
                         Drop-off & Pick-up Procedures

  •  Parents may drop their children off directly in the appropriate classroom.
    • Kindergarten classrooms will be at the Turlock Location (1363 Turlock Lane).
    • Classrooms for 1st Graders & up will be located next door at the Ruskin Campus (1401 Turlock Lane). Please park at the small parking lot directly in front of the classrooms and ring the bell at the gate for drop-offs and pick-ups. During Morning Drop-offs, a Sunshine Staff member will greet you and your child at the gate. These gates will be closed at 9:15AM, so families dropping off their child after that time may ring the bell to alert a staff member of your child's arrival. 
      • 1st Graders & Up Part Time AM/PM Students: 
        • We request that families wait at the parking lot gate for the 1:00PM drop-off/pick-up times. 
        • If families wish to pick up their Part-time AM students earlier than 1:00PM, please call 408-839-3364, and a staff member will help bring your child to the gate. 

Does my child have to sign in and sign out when he/she comes to Sunshine?
In order to avoid any unnecessary contact between families and staff, our teachers will be signing students in and out everyday. Please sign the Sign-in/Sign-out Authorization Form and bring it to Sunshine on your child's first day, or email the completed form to Sunshine families who have already submitted a form, do not need to resubmit another form. 

What are the hours and tuition for Summer Camp?

                       What should my child bring to Summer Camp?

  • FACEMASK (and a spare if needed) everyday. All students are required to wear a facemask that covers their mouth and nose while at Sunshine. Exceptions are only for students with a medical condition, mental health condition, or disability that prevents wearing a face covering.
  • Bring SUNBLOCK (labeled with your child's name) everyday. 
  • 2 CUPS AND 2 BOWLS (labeled with your child's name) for breakfast, lunch, and snack time everyday. Sunshine wants to go green! Help us in our efforts to become less wasteful!
  • Bring a BAGGED LUNCH (on field trip and school event days).
  • In addition to these items, Kindergarten students will need to bring ONE CHANGE OF CLOTHES to keep at Sunshine in their cubby.

Extracurricular Classes
The roster for extracurricular classes can be viewed here: Extracurricular Class Roster and the schedule are as follows:


Extracurricular Classes have already begun for the Summer Program, so sign-ups are currently closed.                                                
What if my child misses one or two extracurricular classes due to sickness or vacation?
Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds, transfer of tuition or make up classes for missed classes due to any type of absence. Regular attendance is encouraged for all students enrolled in extracurricular classes.

How do I stay updated with news in the Sunshine Summer Program?
Sunshine School will broadcast frequent newsletters to keep parents updated. Please let your classroom teacher know if you are not able to receive our newsletter. We will also provide announcements and reminders on various white boards that will be posted in front of Sunshine classrooms. Don't forget to take a look at the white board for daily news when you pick up your child!

Is there an additional fee for the field trips?
There are absolutely no additional fees required for students who are enrolled in the full-time program. If your child is a part time student and is interested in participating in any of our field trips/school events, please contact our offices to check for availability. For every field trip and school event day, all students will need to bring a bagged lunch and wear their Sunshine T-shirt.

Who should I ask if I have questions, comments, or suggestions?
Please call the Sunshine School Office at (408) 839-8366. You can also email us at 

To view more in-depth details about our Summer Program including weekly themes, schedules, COVID-19 safety protocols, and more, please check out our information packet here!

                                                      Important Reminders
  • JULY TUITION for our Sunshine Summer Program was due on June 28th. Families who have not paid their July tuition yet are able to do so online through their Sunshine Account, or drop off a check at our office (1363 Turlock Lane). 
  • Please alert our staff of any ALLERGIES (food or medicine) when you drop off your child on their first day of the Sunshine Summer Program.
  • For parents who registered before the Early Bird Special deadlines and have not received their bonus item(s), your child will receive the items at the end of their first day in the Sunshine Summer Program. 
  • If you haven't already, please make sure all your Summer Program forms have been submitted before your child's first day of the Summer Program.


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After School: (408) 839-8366

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