Staff Registration

To Meet Licensing Requirements, we need to have the following paperwork in each of the Staff’s folder when you first start at Sunshine. Please bring a copy of your transcript, official ID, and resume. In addition, please print each of the licensing forms, complete them, and bring to your supervisor ASAP.

The following forms are in PDF format. You need Adobe reader to open these files. When you click on the forms, it will be displayed on a separate browser window or tab. Please complete, sign, print and bring the forms to school director before or on the day your child start Sunshine. Thank you.

Registration Forms

Please read our staff handbook to understand your right, responsibility, and the expectation from the management. Staff Handbook is provided to our staff during orientation or forwarded to your via email upon your acceptance of position.
These are meeting notes that were compiled to help us solve issues or improve our daily operation. Please read.
Teachers and Directors should have an ECE/Child Development Transcript including minimum of 12 core units of the following courses: Child, Growth and Development; Child, Family and Community; Curriculums
Have a Driver License, Identification card or Passport
Have a Letter of Experience or Resume
This is a complete Staff Registration Pack that includes all the forms below.
Complete Personnel Record
Complete Criminal Record Statement
Complete Employee Rights Statement
Complete Statement Acknowledging Requirement to report Child Abuse
Obtain health screening and TB test prior to employment: You can substitute this form if you already have a health screening and TB done in the past 12 months.
Obtain cleared DOJ fingerprint associated with our facility: We are requesting scan service through one of our family daycare. Please complete section 5 "Applicant Information" and schedule an appointment with Live Scan facility. You can get the location and phone number for Live Scan facility from our directors. We will transfer (LIC 9182) your fingerprint to the appropriate center location once it is cleared.
Complete W-4 Form
Complete W-11 Form
Complete Direct Deposit Form
CPR and First Aid Training certificate: Don't worry if you don't have one yet! We have an annual class for all of our staff.
Tuberculosis (TB) Risk Assessment Questionnaire
Complete Staff Waiver