Greetings Sunshine Family,

We hope everyone's first week of school went by smoothly. In this edition of the newsletter, you will find some reminders to help your child's first few weeks of school go by more smoothly. Parents may view our updated roster here: Sunshine After School Roster. Please note that classroom arrangements may change within the first few weeks in order to balance the ratio for each class. 

Pick-up locations for students are as follows:


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                                                       After School Program Reminders

Workbook fees for kindergarten to second graders are due by August 30th

Extracurricular Classes Sign-Up 
The deadline to register for extracurricular classes will be August 30th. Parents may view the extracurricular class form here: Extracurricular Classes Fall 2019

What to Bring 
Students should bring their reusable cups, bowls, and water bottles everyday. Kindergarteners, in addition, need to bring their hat, sunscreen, and a change of clothes (if necessary).


                                            Parent's Homework 


                                                Staff Birthdays

Happy birthday to all our August babies. Wish your teachers a wonderful birthday when you see them this month!

  • August 6                  >    Mrs. Jan (Emerald Location)  
  • August 15                >    Ms. Susie (Sierra Location)  
  • August 16                >    Ms. Jessica (Sierra Location)  
  • August 17                >    Mr. Franny (Ruskin Location)  
  • August 24                >    Ms. Stephanie (Ruskin Location)  
  • August 28                >    Ms. Diana (Sierra Location)  
  • August 28                >    Ms. Jenna V. (Turlock Location)  
  • August 31                >    Ms. Vivian (Sierra Location)  


                                                 Sunshine School 
                                                                      Preschool: (408) 272-0368
                                                                  After School: (408) 839-8366 

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