Greetings Sunshine Family,

We all had so much fun during Astronomy Week! We just can't wait to learn more about our favorite animals during Zoology Week! Thank you for your cooperation and staying updated with the Sunshine Newsletter! Parents can view our Week 5 Roster here: Summer Program Week 5 Roster. Classroom assignments are as follows:


Below you will find some more reminders and information to help your week go by smoothly!  


                                                                     July Calendar


                                                           Field Trip Information


  • For this upcoming week - All Classes will be attending an Animal Assembly by WildMind Science Learning Group on Wednesday, July 10th. Please remember to arrive at Sunshine School by 9:30AM.

  • For the assembly, please remember to have students wear their yellow Sunshine T-Shirt and bring a bagged lunch 

  • Field Trip Policy - If a student misbehaves during their field trip, he or she is not allowed to attend the next week's field trip as a consequence. 



July Tuition is Due
The deadline to pay tuition for Sunshine Summer Program Weeks 4 - 8 (Monday, July 1st through Friday, August 2nd) was June 28th. For new students who have not paid July Tuition, please stop by the Sunshine Office on your first day of the program to pay your account balance. Thank you for your cooperation!

Student Allergy Information
Parents, please list any ALLERGIES (food or medicine) when you sign in your child on their first day of Sunshine Summer Program. There will be an information sheet for you to list any allergies that your child may have.


Early Bird Special Gifts
For parents who registered before the Early Bird Special Deadlines, your children will receive their bonus items on their first day in the Sunshine Summer Program. 

Extracurricular Classes 
Extracurricular Classes began on Week 4 of the Summer Program. Parents may view the roster and schedule here: Class Roster and Schedule

Please note the following schedule changes for extracurricular classes:

  • Basketball class on July 18th will be postponed to 1:00pm due to a field trip.
  • Basketball class originally scheduled on August 8th will be moved to August 7th per instructor’s request.
  • Kung Fu class originally scheduled for July 5th will be postponed to July 10th per instructor’s request.  


Lost & Found 
Lost and found items are located in the Sunshine Office. We encourage parents to label all items (clothing, water bottle, cups and bowls, etc.) that your children bring to school with their names. 

Items to Bring to School Everyday
Just a quick reminder, please pack these items for your children EVERYDAY -

  • Water bottle 
  • Sunblock and a hat
  • 2 sets of cups and bowls
    *Please, no glass or ceramic bowls/cups. Thank you! 

                                            Parent's Homework 


                                                Staff Birthdays

Happy birthday to all our July babies. Wish your teachers a wonderful birthday when you see them this month!

  • July 2                  >    Mrs. Janet (Sierra Location)  
  • July 11                >    Ms. Renee (Sierra Location)  
  • July 18                >    Ms. Jenna-Mae (Ruskin & Turlock Location)  
  • July 23                >    Ms. Natalie (Ruskin Location)  


                                                 Sunshine School 
                                                                      Preschool: (408) 272-0368
                                                                  After School: (408) 839-8366 

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