Greetings Sunshine Family,

Let's say goodbye to those frigid days of January and welcome in a Fabulous February! There are many exciting things coming up in February. Below are a few Sunshine School reminders and announcements to keep in mind as we begin the month. Thank you for staying updated with the Sunshine School Newsletter!


                              Online Automatic Payment Feature

We’re pleased to announce that we have chosen a new solution that will automate our billing process, adding convenience and flexibility for parents. Instead of having to remember to send payments for a month of service, you can now choose to have fees automatically debited directly from your bank account.

To automate your billing, simply complete and return the form (Link to the updated form here: Authorization Agreement for Automatic Direct Payments), and we’ll do the rest. For clarity purposes, we recommend that parents complete the form on the computer and print it out instead of handwriting the information. Each time a payment is processed, you will receive an email confirmation for your records.

*If parents would like to start automated payments by March 1st, 2018, please turn in the Authorization Agreement by February 15th. Due to the sensitive information provided on the agreement, please turn in the form directly to your location director. 

We’re looking forward to the transition and hope you enjoy the simplified process as well. Please let us know any questions, and have a great day!

                                         Referral Opportunity



Sierra New Year Musical Party
Sierra Preschool will have a New Year Musical Party on Thursday, February 15th at 4:30 PM

Vinci Park New Year Musical Party
Vinci Park Preschool will have a New Year Musical Party on Friday, February 16th at 4:30 PM

Sunshine Spirit Week
Sunshine Spirit Week for all locations (Berryessa, Emerald, Sierra, and Vinci Park Preschools) will be from February 12th - 16th

For the month of February, please note that Sunshine Preschool will be CLOSED on President's Day which is Monday, February 19, 2018.

                                                            After School Program

February Calendar


Tuition is due by the 1st of every month. Parents may check their balance online at Please, pay the amount owed by February 10th or a late fee of 10% will apply. Thank you for your cooperation. 


Extracurricular Classes 2018
Extracurricular Classes have begun. Parents may view the roster and class details here: Extracurricular Class Roster & Extracurricular Class Schedule.

Sunshine Book Sale
We are hosting a small book sale next to the Sunshine Office. There are reading books, English workbooks, and Chinese workbooks for all grades levels. Books are only $1 or $2! The book sale will end on Friday, February 23rd!

For the month of February, please note that Sunshine School will be CLOSED on President's Day which is Monday, February 19, 2018. Sunshine School will be OPEN on the following days: February 20th - 23rd from 9:00 - 6:30 PM each day. If you need daycare for these days, please sign up and pay to reserve your space! 

Summer Program 2018
Sunshine Summer Program Information
 will be released on our website in Early March! Keep a look out for the exciting summer activities! 


                                             Parent's Homework 


                                                Staff Birthdays

Happy birthday to all our February babies. Wish your teachers a wonderful birthday when you see them this month!

  • February 6         >    Ms. Diana (Vinci Park Location)  
  • February 6         >    Mr. Roz (Ruskin Location)  
  • February 19       >    Mr. Danny (Ruskin Location)  
  • February 22       >    Ms. Jenny (Vinci Park Location)  
  • February 26       >    Mr. Martin (Ruskin Location)  
  • February 27       >    Mrs. Summer (Vinci Park Location)
  • February 29       >    Ms. Annie (Ruskin Location)  


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