Greetings Sunshine Family,

The school year has ended and the summer is finally here. In anticipation of next week, we wanted to send out a friendly welcome. We hope you are all as excited as we are to start the Sunshine Summer Program on Monday, June 12th! Below are some important reminders and information for parents to read over. 

Thank you for your cooperation and see you all soon!




                                              Frequently Asked Questions

Which class should my child go to? 
Sunshine Summer Camp assigns the kids into different age groups according to the grade that he or she is entering in the fall. The roster for each class can be found here: Summer Week 1 Roster!

Why do you use high-tech company names for each class?
It is fun and reflects the characteristics of Silicon Valley. 


Where do I drop off my children in the morning?

  • On the FIRST DAY of the program - Monday, June 12th
    You will spot Sunshine Staff set up at tables on the Toyon Elementary School Basketball Court. Look for the balloons! Here, we will sign-in your children and pass out name tags. We will be able to escort you to the classroom as well.

  • After the first day of the program - Tuesday, June 13th and onward
    Parents may drop their children off directly in the appropriate classroom. 

Does my child have to sign in and sign out when he/she comes to Sunshine?
Every parent MUST sign in their child when they drop off him/her, and needs to sign out with your child's lead teacher when they are picked up. 

What are the hours and tuition for Summer Camp?


What should my child bring to Summer Camp?

  • Bring SUNBLOCK (labeled with your child's name) everyday. We care about keeping your children healthy! 
  • 2 CUPS AND 2 BOWLS (labeled with your child's name) for snack and lunch time everyday. Sunshine wants to go green! Help us in our efforts to become less wasteful! 
  • A WATER BOTTLE every day.
  • Bring a BAG LUNCH (on field trip days).
  • In addition to these items, Kindergarten Students will need to bring ONE CHANGE OF CLOTHES (if needed) and BEDDING for their nap time.

What are the extracurricular classes?
A list of extracurricular classes can be found here: Extracurricular Classes.

When do those extracurricular classes start?
Soccer and Zumba Classes start on Wednesday, June 14th (there are no classes on the first two days of summer program). All other extracurricular classes begin after Week 3 of summer program.

Which classroom should the students go for the extracurricular classes?
The extracurricular classes are typically held in Room #8 at Toyon Elementary School. Our staff will walk the students to and from their extracurricular classes.

What if my child misses one or two extracurricular classes due to sickness or vacation?
Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds, transfer of tuition or make up classes for missed classes due to any type of absence. Regular attendance is encouraged for all students enrolled in extracurricular classes. *For swimming classes, please see the swimming registration forms. 

How do I stay updated with news in the Sunshine Summer Program?
Sunshine School will broadcast a newsletter every week to keep parents updated. Please, let your classroom teacher know if you are not able to receive our newsletter. We will also provide announcements and reminders on various white boards that will be posted in front of Sunshine classrooms. Don't forget to take a look at the white board for daily news when you pick up your child!

Who should I ask if I have questions, comments, or suggestions?
Please, call the Sunshine School Office at (408) 839-8366. You can also email us at or

Is there an additional fee for the field trips?
There are absolutely no additional fees required for students who are enrolled in the full-time or AM only package. For every field trip, all students will need to bring a bag lunch and wear their Sunshine T-shirt.


  • Orientation Information can be found here: Orientation Powerpoint
  • Parent's please list any ALLERGIES (food or medicine) when you sign in your child on their first day of Sunshine Summer Program. There will be an information sheet for you to list any allergies that your child may have.
  • For parents who registered before the Early Bird Special Deadlines, your children will receive their bonus items at the end of their first day in the Sunshine Summer Program. 
                                             Parent's Homework 


                                                Staff Birthdays

 Happy birthday to all our June babies. Wish your teachers a wonderful birthday when you see them this month!

  • June 7                >    Mrs. Yeh (Halgrim Location)  
  • June 9                >    Mr. Brian (Turlock Location)  
  • June 10              >    Mrs. Lucy (Vinci Park Location)  
  • June 11              >    Mrs. Jane (Halgrim Location)
  • June 18              >    Mrs. Kelly (Emerald Location)
  • June 20              >    Mrs. Julie (Ruskin Location)
  • June 24              >    Mrs. Lei (Vinci Park Location)
  • June 24              >    Mr. Jan (Emerald Location)
  • June 28              >    Ms. Connie (Vinci Park Location)
  • June 30              >    Ms. Michelle (Vinci Park Location)


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